General Purpose Disinfectant
Packing : 12x1 / 8x2 Ltr Bottle
Packing : 4x5 / 20 Ltr Can
Fabric Softener
For hand rinse and
washing machine
Packing : 12x1 / 6x2 Ltr Bottle
Packing : 4x5 / 20 Ltr Can
All Purpose Cleaner
Packing : 12x1 / 8x2 Ltr Bottle
Packing : 4x5 / 20 Ltr Can
Dish Wash Liquid
So Clean So fresh
Packing : 24x500ml / 12x1 Ltr Bottle
Packing : 4x5 Ltr / 20 Ltr Can

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Al Tayeb Detergents Ind. LLC, A Division of ECITRA International GmbH and Co, Mainz, Germany as a professionally managed company involved in varied trading and manufacturing activities in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The areas we cater to are Industrial and Household Cleaning Chemicals, Paper Products and Dispensers, Janitorial Products, Emergency Spill Response Products, Surfactants, Solvents, Marine and Transport range products and oilfield and Laboratory Chemicals. Our company represents a number of companies in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and India, each one a giant in the area that they operate in.